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Human Resources Reports and Analytics

Make better decisions based on real data about your workforce and your business.

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Generate custom reports

Select the data you want to analyze, choose how you want to see it and filter only those that interest you. Once the report is created, you can download it in Excel format or share it in your meetings through a link. You can create reports by age, seniority, gender, duration in the company, number of employees, among others.

HR Reports and Analytics Panel

A unique and customizable space from which you can organize all the data of your company in real time. In addition, leaders can also manage their own spaces with information about their teams and employees.

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organizational chart

Organizational Chart

Once you have imported all your employees and assigned managers, Factorial will automatically generate the organizational chart of your company. This way, all your employees will know the structure of your company and the positions of their colleagues.

Protect your company's data

In Factorial we take your security very seriously and protect all your data and documents through a powerful encryption system and unique access for each user

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